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Sometimes It's Hard To Find The Words To Say

I'll Go Ahead And Say Them Anyway

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"I'm complicated."

I'm a wife and mother, a daughter, grand-daughter and sister, a friend; my family and friends are my life. I don't have a "paying" job unless you count hugs and kisses as payment.

I love the sound of a child's laugh. That laugh holds nothing back and says that the whole world is good and pure. Sometimes I wish my laugh was still like that. Other times, I grin wickedly and realize that it's good to be jaded.

There are parts of my life that my kids never need to find out about... those parts always include my husband. He is my love, my all, partner in crime; he is the one who makes me quiver with anticipation (and release).

"Sex between a man and a woman is a wonderful thing, given you're between the right man and the right woman."